*YOUTH* MachoMando - Oh Yeah This Is The Way T-Shirt

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Product Description

Be sure to note this is a *KIDS* size t-shirt, but this (waves hand) is the tee that you've been looking for - NOW SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM! HA! This MachoMando mashup of Randy Savage and Mandolorian has become such a favorite we're getting requests for it in kids sizes now via our custom design form.

In this design we've tried to capture the insanity of one of our favorite wrestling outfits with "MachoMando" while balancing the badassery of Din Djarin (aka The Mandalorian). Also, how hilarious is the subtitle "Oh Yeah This Is The Way" that mashes up both signature taglines. Even if folks aren't fully aware of the references, it's definitely going to make people laugh. It's rare we do anything Disney or Star Wars around there parts, but Mandalorian definitely needed some love from CultSub T-shirts. Also who doesn't at least chuckle at pro-wrestling and pro-wrestlers as a whole?