Yep, that's us. *waves*

It's just been Adam and I (Katey) at CultureSub T-shirts since we launched at very end of 2019. We're nerdy AF, but in our own weird little ways. Adam is mostly music and tech while I'm "art" (if you can call it that) and everything else. HA!

JK!...but not entirely. 

Luckily, we overlap nicely as MEGA FANS of watching screens, laughing and eating all the things. In fact, it's likely that one of those areas of interests is why you stumbled on our humble store! We make designs for MEGA FANS. 

Greetings fellow nerd!

In a nutshell, CultSub T-Shirts is the result of Adam saving up to buy a refurbished iPad in hopes of me drawing again. I didn't. Not for a year. What a @!#$%, I know and agree. Digital just seemed too foreign. Hell, it still is. I've taught myself very little in all this time. 

Anyway, in the summer of 2019, we found ourselves struggling to find a "healthy" way of spending time together (we both work A LOT). Sure we ate, we watched movies, we drank - but that's not "healthy." It's also meant we were spending the money we were working so hard to earn vs. spending our time a little more wisely. We wanted something positive and constructive. 

So, over beers, we had a conversation (spoken primarily in subculture quotes) and decided to spin up an online store. PERFEEECT. We could each leverage our interests/skills while working on something constructive together AND IT HAS BEEN A BLAST! Mostly because we've met so many ah-mazing members of varying sub cultures along the way - like yourself! 

So, if you are a MEGA FAN or PASSIONATE AF about something specific (or you just love a good joke) - WELCOME! We're attempting cover it all, but WE LIVE FOR IDEA SUBMISSIONS! TOTES FREE).

You (and because Adam and I still want to spend time together after 15+ years) are the reason we do what we do! People who are passionate, smart and dig a good fart joke 'cuz life is way to crazy to be uptight. It's all for you. 


Loyal to MEGA FANS of all shapes, sizes and colors so long as they're not asshole humans, 

Katey and Adam