Yep, that's us. Adam and Katey. *waves*

It's just been the two of us at CultureSub T-shirts since we launched at very end of 2019. We're both nerdy AF, but in our own weird little ways. Luckily, we overlap as MEGA FANS of watching screens, laughing and eating aaall the things. Like, ALL of them.

Back in the fall of 2019, we found ourselves struggling to find a "healthy" way of spending time together as we both worked A LOT. So, over a beer, (likely more because I'm not sure how many), we had a chat which lead us to creating an online store and we've been having a blast ever since (in between all the adulting). 

Sure we still dig spending time together after 15+ years, but CultSub T-Shirts really about meeting ah-mazing fellow nerds just like yourself. 

So, *drumroll + symbol kicker* WELCOME FELLOW NERDS! Treat yo'rself or the nerd in your life to something that will make 'em chuckle. 


Katey and Adam