Howdy! Adam and Katey here. We've been together...ummm, 17+ years now? Adam is great at remembering those things. I am not. HA!

Anywho, we started Culture Sub T-shirts at the end of 2019 an effort to spend more time together. Gross, I know. We DO really like each other. So, I snagged a refurbished iPad with buttloads of encouragement from him and started foolin' around (some designs are SO, SO BAD, UGH). Adam started tinkering with the techy web stuff and we vetted local printers. It was fun for us as individuals AND a couple, but then...C-O-V-I-D! DUN, DUN, DUUUN!!!

We figured Culture Sub T-Shirts was over about 2 months after we launched. However, to our surprise, folks were looking for fandom t-shirt designs to wear to their couch 'cuz ALL WE WERE ALL doing was watching TV and it was AWESOME (at first). Life never got lonely during COVID as we had fun suggestions coming in and connected with other nerds like us! Mega fans of deep pop culture references and lude humor popped up from around the globe (although the business is STILL super small). They all had rad stories to share about how Culture Sub T-shirts was spreading some joy and leading to things like digital watch parties, video calls, surprise gifts, neighbors pointing and laughing on walks and so on. It was frickin' awesome. 

So, please know this is just a fun, husband and wife hustle. We just dig nerding out with folks like you and being a part of something fun and positive. 

Thanks for stopping by, your support and ALWAYS feel free to contact us. We love hearing from all lifeforms and accept custom requests! 

Wear your weird, 

Katey, Adam and Cash