Howdy! Adam and Katey here. We've been, 17+ years now? Adam would know. Hehehe.

Believe it or not, we started Culture Sub T-shirts in an effort to spend more time together. Gross, I know. I snagged a refirbished iPad and started foolin' around while Adam tinkered with the techy web stuff. It was fun for us as individuals and a couple, but then...


We figured Culture Sub was over about 2 months after we launched. To our surprise, folks were looking for new, fandom duds to wear to their couch. Life wasn't very interesting back in COVID days so it was delightful to have suggestions coming in and for us to connect with other nerds during isolation (also, we leverage professional printers who helped us handle COVID sanitation guidelines like rockstars). People around the globe started sharing rad stories of surprise fandom gifts for watch parties, movie/TV releases, video hangouts - you name it. It was a way to feel and spread a little joy. Oh, and our T-shirt designs were even serving as conversation/relationship starters (from 6'+ of course - so mostly yelling). While folks walked their neighborhoods someone would yell "I love your shirt" or another deep fandom reference and bonds were formed! 

T'was and is a very cool to experience and to hear from customers! 

Our business hasn't gone bananas by any stretch (we're crazy small), but it has connected a lot of folks which is a win in our book. We feel we're involved in something positive that makes people feel good and/or brings people together which is rad. So, we'll be doing out best over here to bring your idea submissions to life and keep putting out fun//random/deep cut designs up there so y'all can wear whatever weird you're into! 

Thanks for your support and feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you.  

Wear your weird, 

Katey, Adam and Cash