Yep, that's us! *waves*

It's just been Adam and I (Katey) at CultureSub T-shirts since we launched at very end of 2019. We're both nerdy AF, but in our own weird little ways. Luckily, we overlap as MEGA FANS of watching screens, laughing and eating aaall the things. Like, ALL of them.

Anyway, in the fall of 2019, we found ourselves struggling to find a "healthy" way of spending time together as we both work A LOT. So, over beers (not so "healthy"), we had a chat and decided to spin up an online store for funsies AND IT HAS BEEN A BLAST!

Although we still dig spending time together after 15+ years, CultSub T-Shirts is mostly fun because we've met so many ah-mazing members of varying sub cultures along the way - LIKE YOURSELF! 

WELCOME FELLOW NERD! You are why we do what we do. Or at least what we TRY to do since this is a just side hustle. 

Katey and Adam