HI THERE! How nice of you want to learn more about our little husband and wife run hustle. 

First things first. This is us...


That's Adam, me (Katey) and our old fart Cash. [waves at you w/ HUGE smile]

Adam and I started CultureSub at our dining room table back at the tail end of 2019 just a few months before COVID hit. At first, we were simply looking to partner up and funnel our energy into something positive for us as a couple. I planned to learn how to doodle digitally (Adam surprised me with a refurbished drawing pad for Christmas) while Adam could flex his voodoo tech skills and experiment. We could work from anywhere while doing things like binge watching movies and TV (inspired "Culture" in our brand name) to pull deep references (inspired submarine or "Sub" in our brand name) that would then inspire our products. Sounds so lovely, ya?


SURPRISE! Suddenly our little idea that was intended to bring Adam and I together quickly transformed into our lifeline to connect and spread joy to fellow nerds during a very strange and uncertain time. It sounds odd to say, but we're so thankful. It's been an awesomely weird and challenging adventure. Despite that insanity, we kept going for our fellow nerd community who *STILL* continues to share ah-mazing stories where they're able to connect with others through fandom. 

We've heard stories of our designs spawning;

     - complete strangers to break into song together at the grocery store
     - cross departmental deep cut fan theory debates over video at work  
     - neighbors to finally speak after years leading to some rad COVID comradery 
     - kids bursting into (happy) tears when their Mom FINALLY found the shirt their hero was wearing in their fav movie
     - lots of nods and chuckles and questions and comments and all other kinds of awesomeness! 

Anywho, just know Adam and I do a little happy dance every time we make a sale, when someone submits an awesome design idea or one of these crazy rad stories of connection pops up in our mailboxes. It's you that help us power through the rocky parts of running a business in all our "spare" time. 

So, THANKS and we hope you enjoy! 

Katey and Adam (+ Cash, but he doesn't help much)