Howdy. Adam and Katey here.


We've been happily married 16+ years or some wild number I never imagined. Funny enough, trying to spend more quality time together was the basis of Culture Sub T-Shirts' orgin story. One say I grabbed a refirbished iPad and started foolin' around, and Adam tinkered with a website. It was fun for us as individuals and a couple. We made something together. Even though it's not perfect, it still feels pretty cool. 

Then, COVID hit. DUN, DUN, DUUUN! We figured Culture Sub was over before it even really started. However, to our surprise, folks were looking for some new subculture fandom duds to wear to the couch. It was delightful to have suggestions come in and connect with other nerds. We also started getting rad stories coming in where folks were surprise gifts for watch parties, movie/TV releases, video hangouts - you name it. Oh, and people wrote in that their T-shirt selection was a conversation starter while walking their neighborhood (being 6' apart is hard) and whatnot.

Don't get me wrong, our business didn't go bananas, but it did bring people together which is dope. So, we'll be doing out best over here to get to your idea submissions and keep getting fun designs up there so y'all can enjoy. Thank you for your support and we do hope you find somethign you love!


Wear your weird, 

Katey, Adam and Cash (that's our dog, but he doesn't help much)