We're proud to say it's been rare AF, but crap DOES happen sometimes. So, we wanted to be prepared *AND* ensure you feel confident before you buy from our small husband and wife-run business.

So, here's the scoop...

Shipping Process

Gosh I wish we could offer free shipping like the big box stores. [Insert day dreaming montage with longing sigh] SOOOMEDAY! Unfortunately, we're not just a small business, we're a teeny business. So, this means we need to keep our prices low to stay competitive which means our profit margins shrink a great deal (this is also why were not on Etsy or Amazon currently as they take a big chunk). From there, layer on our 3rd party printer who takes a good cut of those small margins and - BOOM! We gotta charge shipping or we'd make nothing. Although we're super bummed about all the math, we did spend a ton of time researching shipping across the globe and were sure to not  pad that number at all. Perhaps that's bad business? Meh, it feels like the right thing. 

If we're honest, we make about $5 per shirt after all is said and done. CultSub T-Shirt is almost completely a labor of love! Hehehe. 

Returns Policy

If there is an issue with your order, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP! We'll be in touch via email and start working with you to correct the issue. Our goal is no sad customers EVER! We've done some crazy crap over the years to make sure that happens too. 

Misprinted/Damaged/Defective - We do work with a 3rd party printer since this is a side hustle for my husband and me. Please take several identifying pictures (i.e. the entire item with design showing + the defective area) of your misprinted/damaged/defective item(s) and reach out to us via our contact form within 2 weeks of the product being received. We'll handle all the coordination from there for ya and fire another order out to you entirely on us. 

Lost in Transit - Each order will have tracking information to verify what the heck happened (some shipping provider information is better than others, as you probably know). Please contact us within 2 weeks after you order should have arrived and we'll work with you to try and locate your package or resolve the issue. Oh, and be sure to check with your neighbors! We'd say *ALL* of our lost packages have simply been in the wrong mailbox thus far. 

Error When Ordering - Sometimes folks fat fingers their information during ordering. We've also had instances where someone forgot they were moving! LOL! If you notice you've made a mistake when ordering (happens ALL the time) simply contact us with the details of what needs changed and we'll update things for you. Unfortunately, items returned to sender (they go back to our printer, not us) are non refundable. 

Buyer's Remorse - I actually don't think this has happened yet and we want to keep it that way! However, this one does stink as our printer pals make all items to order. We can't resell the item based on our small business logistics. So, if you're not happy with your purchase, but it's correct we will not provide a swap or refund as we've already spent the time and $$$ to design, list, process, print, process again and then ship the order. To help avoid this, please review our sizing charts. 
Please know that we're *ALWAYS* happy to discuss any issues, questions or custom project you may have and we'll do our best to make sure you're happy as a clam and come back again! 


BIG THANKS for your understanding of our process and your support of our little husband and wife hustle! 

- Katey and Adam