Hocus Pocus Inspired Black Cat Spell - Itchita Kopita Melaka Mystica with Binx T-Shirt

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Product Description

This Hocus Pocus black cat T-shirt inspired by the movie has generated much controversy with the words "Itchita Kopita Melaka Mystica" along side Binx the black cat (AKA Thackery in his human form). We had no idea there were so many ways to spell it! Personally, we like our version the best - but that's us. More importantly, it's a Hocus Pocus black cat spell T-shirt that has been quite popular despite the debate! 

if you didn't know, the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus turn Thackery Binx into a cat, and it goes just-like-thiiisss:

Winifred Sanderson: Twist the bones and bend the back

Sarah and Mary Sanderson: Itch-it-a-kop-it-a-Mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca

Winifred Sanderson: Trim him of his baby fat

Sarah, Mary Sanderson: Itch-it-a-kop-it-a-Mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca

Winifred Sanderson: Give him fur black as black, just

Mary Sanderson: Like

Sarah Sanderson: This!

You know, a question that plagues us at CultSub T-shirts about the movie Hocus Pocus is why Thackery, also known as Binx in his cat form, cannot speak with his parents when The Sanderson sisters are being hung by the townspeople. Binx tries to get his father's attention by rubbing his little black cat body against his legs and following him - but not talking which is what he does throughout the rest of the movie? Thackery's dad ends up calling him a beast and ignoring the cat entirely. Poor Thackery (as Binx) ends up being left to wander the town for the next 300 years without a family.

However, in the future, Dani, Max and Allison have no problem hearing Thackery speak as Binx the cat as soon as they meet him. Schremph points out on BuzzFeed, there's no reasoning behind Binx not being able to talk at the beginning of the film. We're not knowing Hocus Pocus and simply caulk it up to a classic case of kids only being able to understand magical creatures, but a little explanation would have been nice — especially for Binx.



Specs & Sizing

This T-shirt is soft and lightweight, with just the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

• 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester)

• "Ash" color (heathered) is 99% combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% polyester

• Heather colors are 52% combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% polyester

• "Athletic" + "Black Heather" are 90% combed and ring-spun cotton, 10% polyester

• Heather Prism colors are 99% combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% polyester

• DGT printed for max longevity + pre-shrunk fabric (FYI: Wash inside out with care for MAXIMUM retention)

• Side-seamed construction

• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping

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