CultSub Beliefs: The Custom Order Is Always Right

CultSub Beliefs: The Custom Order Is Always Right

Adam & Katey on 19th Sep 2019

In case you haven’t noticed by our GOT IDEAS? page (or Custom Orders category), we love making custom and personalized T-shirts. Afterall, know one knows what you want better than you and why shouldn't you get exactly what you want?

Although we cranked out nearly all of our designs based on things we THOUGHT you would like, we also opened up the ability for you to submit custom T-shirt ideas even before we launched our website.

...and color me ginger and call Hermione! We were STUPEFIED by how many ideas were submitted within just the first few weeks.

We’ve received so many great, custom T-shirt ideas that we wanted to not only THANK those of you who have submitted, but also ensure everyone was aware that if you don’t see something you like (not likely) you can work with us to create something you love.

We’ll always try to put our day-to-day aside to fulfill your wildest, most hilarious, most offensive T-shirt dreams.

Actually, we have to say, one of our very favorites thus far has been the fantastic Mallrats “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned For Sega” T-shirt. It was a reference submitted by our dear friend Scott.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned For Sega T-Shirt

Frankly, we were pretty damn mortified we hadn't yet thought of it ourselves!

Also, if you haven't seen Mallrats and don't get the reference...well, frankly I judge you. Please go watch it now. Here is the trailer. 

Seriously, go watch it. We'll wait.

[Us, waiting patiently until you finish the movie]

Okay, it was fantastic, right? This was the first major role for Jason Lee and his natural comedic timing with Kevin Smith's incredible dialogue helped launch him into stardom while making this film one we still watch over and over to this day and laugh.

The "Hell Hath No Fury" scene in Brody's basement was the perfect introduction to the dynamic Brody and TS would have throughout the film (vault rules apply). This Mallrats / Brody Bruce T-Shirt is the very reason we make custom orders...because let's face it, we’re not that smart and this shirt is fucking amazing. Well done, Scott.

Of course, what makes us love this custom Mallrats T-shirt even more for CultSub is that it's the obvious snoochy boochy T-Shirt that you might figure for a great Kevin Smith film reference.

This (in our opinion) is one for the true Mallrats’ movie fans, and we friggin’ love it.

BTW, here are just a few of some of the other amazing (and weird) custom T-shirt orders we’ve fulfilled so far for our adoring customers.

CultSub Custom T-Shirt Order Example Mashup

See all CultSub custom t-shirts here.

So thank you everybody for the great ideas for far, and PLEASE KEEP SUBMITTING CUSTOM T-SHIRT IDEAS HERE! We'd love for the Custom Orders category to one day become biggest on the site., WHEN it does, that means we're fulfilling our mission of creating the best, conversation-starting, funny-ass T-Shirts.

Here's to hoping you don't ever get a letter filled with obscure adjectives - ever.