It's Time To Open A Diablog (Get It?)

It's Time To Open A Diablog (Get It?)

Adam & Katey on 31st Aug 2019

Yes, that title is admittedly a terrible joke. Get used to it! That's why we started CultSub - to open a dialogue (or diablog...get it?) using ridiculous jokes, puns, obscure pop culture references, trivia, and basically anything else we damn well please, using (mostly) T-shirts as our medium. You may have already read our About Us page, but we're just a husband and wife team creating T-shirt designs for intelligent life forms. We've spent years together reciting obscure quotes, making bad puns, arguing over geeky trivia and just generally enjoying some excessively dark humor.  It's what's brought us together and helped keep us together. So, we figured we would bring our own brand of insanity to life for you.

For instance, you should know that this post ORIGINALLY had a double space after each period. Katey edited it to only have one. This is one of MANY heated debates in our house. For now, we'll save the debate for the grammar police (I'm right that it's double space), but we'll never stop arguing about it so we even made a  grammar t-shirt for shits 'n giggles. 

Grammar saves lives Unisex T-Shirt

Grammar Saves Lives T-shirtfrom CultSub

You might not get some of the jokes or esoteric references on our t-shirts, but we hope you'll read the descriptions and have an ah-ha moment, or do some googling and get a chuckle out of it. We hope that for every person that is wishing the could find that shirt with some random reference they think only they would get, there's an item or two at CultSub that will make them weep with joy...and hey, if not  we'll make you a custom order.

Here are some of our favorites as we get started; 

Have a Nice Fucking Day T-shirt

Have a Nice (Fucking) Day T-Shirt from CultSub

Picture Riddle Strike While the Iron is Hot T-shirt

Trivia "Strike While The Iron's Hot" Riddle T-Shirt from CultSub

Conspiracy Dance Like Russia Isn't Watching

Dance Like Russie Isn't Watching Joke T-Shirt from CultSub

Stevie Wonder and E.T. Mashup Music and Movie T-shirt

E.T. and Stevie Wonder "St-E.T. Wonder" Pop Culture Mashup T-shirt from CultSub

So for our very first blog, we wanted to provide some context. We've spent our first few weeks since opening cranking out as much crazy as we could (mostly Katey) and there's lots more to come. If you see something and ask yourself "what are they smoking?" just know the answer could possibly be bath salts, but is more likely just stone cold sober us, laughing incessantly at our own brand of childish, dark, dirty, and pop-culture-laden humor slapped on some T-shirts - for you.

Thanks for reading!