Star Wars Day 2020: See MEGA FANS Celebrating Around The Globe (+ Dope Star Wars Memes)

Star Wars Day 2020: See MEGA FANS Celebrating Around The Globe (+ Dope Star Wars Memes)

Katey & Adam on 4th May 2020

It's May 4th people- AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! 

Star Wars Day May The Forth Be With You Logo

...and now may the Star Wars theme now play in your head for the rest of the GD day! Woohoo!  

In order to celebrate we've collected some of our favorite memes and Tweets from MEGA FANS since MEGA FANS are the reason we do what we do at  CultSub T-Shirts.

First, as much as we all want to knock on Vader for not having a heart, he's actually out delivering food today in the Philippines for Star Wars day. 

How dope is that? Unreal. If anyone knows who that is, please tag us on social. Inquiring minds what to know and we'd love to interview them. 

...and now for some Sam Jackson as Mace Windoo , MUTHAFUCKA! 

Samuel L Jackson As Mace Windo Star Wars May The Force Be With You Motherfucker

...and may the force be with these Military Cats should they need to go into battle! 

...and a little Star Wars Jesus. 

Jesus Star Wars Meme fighting with light saber - may the force be with you

Jesus at Table with apostles and star wars light sabers if only detecting evil was this easy

We don't know why, but Star Wars Jesus is a favorite at  CultSub T-shirts. Never gets old, but this was a new one for us...

Some of us personally identify with this next Jabba The Hutt meme... Jaba The Hut Taking Off spanks Meme Joke Fat

We didn't even know this next thing existed, is it real @BLMedieval?!? SAY IT IS SO! Share more please! 

Darth Vader Meme No liking bacon is like not liking star wars

Oh, oh! Have you seen Daisy Ridley on Jimmy Fallon rapping yet? Take a moment...

We also loved this Frenchie as Yoda. Look at dat faaace...

Plus, everyone love Chuck...

Chuck Norris Star Wars Meme - Chuck Norris is the force

Can't pass on a good Star Wars force-choke masturbation joke...

Star Wars Darth Vader Meme Do you ever use the force choke on yourself when you masturbate cartoon

This is just friggin' adorable...

Star Wars Meme Fuzzy Kitten The Force Fuzz is Strong With This one

Oh, also Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers are at the Orlando airport this morning wishing you safe travels...

Obi Wan Star Wars Meme these Are not the cookies you're looking for protect food at office

Ugh, this is such a Han Solo classic...

Han Solo Meme Star Wars At First I was Afraid I was Petrified

We also thought this was just lovely...

Gotta end by slapping you in the face with a good dildo joke. Always a wiener - SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?!

Also, if anyone knows where to get those dildo light sabers please let us know. We NEED them for duels around the CultSub T-Shirts office.

Oh! And if you haven't taken time to listen to Yoda lay down some sweet jams about Segulls yet - do yourself a favor and listen to this Bad Lip Reading video. 

Ok,ok. Back to the office Star Wars nerds! It IS a Monday after all...

Office Space Movie Darth Vader Meme if you could just surrender to the force that'd be agreat

We hope we helped you chuckle this morning. May the forth be with you!

Also, be sure to share with a friend or tag us on social media if you have a favorite post or Star Wars meme you'd like ot see included. We'll continue to make this grow throughout the day as more Star Wars MEGA FAN goodness emerges.