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I mean, this "Dance Like Russia Isn't Watching" T-shirt is chuckle-worthy. Agreed. We love it and it's a fresh spin than that tired "dance like no one's watching" quote from Mark Twain, Satchel Paige, or William Purkey. No one knows for sure, and if you do you need to write us and let us know! We're just sayin' it wasn't Taylor Swift.

You feel us, bro?

Anyway, many folks think the Cold War was the end of the tension between the USA and Russia. However, that's not entirely true. Tension persists and flareups do occur from time to time. For instance, not so long ago this article mentions Putin "threatening" the US. In short, it dips briefly into the history of how the US and Russia have continued to cross the line of the INF treaty since the Cold War. Putin says some stuff. The USA responds. It's a whole thing. Basically, the USA feels the comments are "propaganda" designed to divert attention from what Washington and its allies allege are Moscow's violations of the Cold War-era nuclear arms control agreement (INF treaty). Meanwhile, Putin feels the US had been in violation of the INF treaty first. Typical case of he said she said. Everyone has their feelings hurt and blame the other one for being a jerk first. 

More recently, an odd encounter occurred at sea. A mistake? Pissing battle? We're unsure, but check out the near collision at sea in our VIDEOS TAB below. Of course, both USA and Russia are blaming the other for the close call on the open ocean, but who knows. It's just weird. 

Anyway, we're not trying to create drama here we're just saying there's "stuff" you should be aware of before you strut your stuff this T-shirt. As we always say at CultSub, we're here to support intelligent life on earth. So, educate yourself, don't just do it because you think it's cute or trendy. Be your own person and add value . Please and thank you! 

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