Rick And Morty Inspired - Dr. Wong Have Courage Coprophagia Recovery Program T-Shirt

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"Does Grandpa turn himself into a pickle a lot?" Man, the ENTIRE episode is friggin' amazing. Pickle Rick really dominates, but the therapy scene with Dr. Wong is pretty incredible. It all starts with that seemly odd motivational poster in the waiting room. The poster displays a man happily eating a hot dog with the words "COURAGE" written below it. We're only confused for a moment before Morty’s math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, exits Dr. Wong's office door and asks the Smith family, “how long have you all been eating poop?” Behind Mr. Goldenfold him we are shown that the sign on Dr. Wong's office door reads: “Dr Wong: Family Therapy, Coprophagia Recovery.” Coprophagia is also known in lamen's terms as "eating poop."

Need a refresher before we get all nerdy? Check out the videos of the Rick & Morty Pickle Rick episode below. We went ahead and highlighted them for ya. 

Anyway, of course we had to do a deep dive into this whole additional of eating poop and see if it was real! It's how we do here at CultSub! We found, that although rare (thank Pete), it's totally forrealsies.

So, The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) had a small Coprophagia article published here from 2016. We though this was the most helpful, but you can totally find some good eating poop facts on Wikipedia which don't entirely line up, with NCBI. We enjoyed the line on Wikipedia, "Coprophilia is a paraphilia, a psychosexual disorder (DSM-5) where the object of sexual interest is feces, and may be associated with coprophagia. Coprophagia is sometimes depicted in pornography, usually under the term scat (from scatology)." Deep dive on that one if you dare! 

Anways, the NCBI classifies coprophagia (eating one's own poop) as a neurological disorder and although they didn't conduct a formal study, they did query The Mayo Clinic Health Sciences-computerized clinical database for all patients evaluated between 1995 and 2015 in which coprophagia was noted. Apparently, 26 patients were identified, but only 12 adult patients (there were a few kids too) were diagnosed with coprophagia. Not surprisingly, coprophagia seems to be coupled with a variety of other interesting diagnosis. In six patients, neurodegenerative dementia was present, a developmental delay in two, and the rest had encounters with; seizures, steroid psychosis, frontal lobe tumors, and schizoaffective disorder.

Throw THAT at onlookers as you sport this amazing Rick & Morty t-shirt! You're welcome. 

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